student satisfaction survey

Student Satisfaction Survey

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Key Indicator - 2.7.1 Under Criterion II of Teaching – Learning and Evaluation

Guidelines for Students

NAAC (National Assessment and accreditation council) is conducting a Student Satisfaction Survey regarding Teaching – Learning and Evaluation, which will help to upgrade the quality in higher education. A student will have to respond to all the questions given in the following format with her/his sincere effort and thought. Her/his identity will not be revealed.

a)  Yes
b)  No
a)  Male
b)  Female
c)  Transgender
a)  Bachelor's
b)  Master’s
c)  MPhil
d)  Doctorate 's
e)  Other    
a)  Arts
b)  Commerce
c)  Science
d)  Professional
e)  Other   

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