Complete Ayurvedic Treatment

1.       Snehan

2.       Swedan

3.       Vaman

4.       Virechan

5.       Raktam

Available Facilities :

           A.   OPD Out Patient Department

Following OPDs are in our Hospital

  • Ayurvedic Chikitsa Medicine

  • Shalaya Surgery

  • Shalakya ENT

  • Netra Opthalm

  • Panchakarma

  • Strirog and Prasuti Gynac and Obs

  • Balrog Padeatric

           B.   IPD In Patient Department

Admit Facilities for above OPD sections is available in our Hospital. Separate Wards for different departments. Separate Nursing and Medical Staff for different departments is Available.

           C.      Ayurvedic Treatment
Different types of Herbal Medicinal Ayurvedic treatment is available here. Treatment like Rasayan, Vajikaran, Treatment with Raskalpa and Bhaishgyakalpa, Suvarnaprashan Treatment, Garbhasanskar treatment is available here.

           D.      Panchkarma -
Panchkarma Treatment is important part of Ayurvedic Practice. We are having well equipped panchakarma department. We are performing following types of panchakarma in our hospital:
- Vamana
- Virechana
- Basti
- Nasya
- Raktamokhshan
- KatiBasti
- Hmdabasti
- Shirodhara
- Shirobasti
- Netratarpan
- Aagnikarma

           E.       Operation Theatre
We are having well equipped operation theatre. Surgeries like Appendectomy, Heruiorraphy, Tonsillectomy, Hysterectomy are done here. Along with this specialized Ayurvedic Operative like Ksharsutra for Piles, Fistula and Fissure is available here.